What should I do? Crush or Bestfriend?

Okay well I'm a 13 year old girl, and I've liked this guy for an entire year and turns out he's liked me too. Great, right? Nope! Because I was an idiot and DIDN'T TELL MY BEST FRIEND ABOUT MY CRUSH, she started liking him a couple months ago! And I mean, reeeeaaalllyyy liking him. She talked about marrying him, dating him, kissing him, what their entire wedding will be like, etc. The whole time she had no idea that I've had feelings for him, FOREVER. And I was stupid and never told her. I even reassured her I didn't like him!! Last week, the boy told me he liked me, and rejected my friend (she had confessed a week prior). He asked me out two days ago, and I told him I did like him that way, but my friend still really does too, and has no idea I like him. He said he'd wait, but it got out that he asked me out, and now my friend might find out. Is it a bad idea to tell my friend that I've liked him forever and he likes me back?
Asked Apr 22, 2016

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