Relationship help

I have been friends with this guy for several weeks, and have been talking to him on the phone and spending a lot of time with him. He lives across the street from me. I constitute our time together as dating because he takes me out and pays. We are both in our mid 30s and he has said that he is looking to settle down, which is why I am spending time getting to know him. However, he has also said that he is still kind of dating another woman but doesnt know where that relationship is going because of distance. She is making a lot of promises but is not delivering on them. I spent time watching a movie with him last night, and we cuddled a bit. I leaned in to kiss him which we did a bit and resumed to cuddling. After the movie was over, we sat and talked a bit and I asked him if I could kiss him again, and he said no. I was said why and he said he was confused as to whether or not he was still in a relationship, and that he didnt want to go around kissing every beautiful woman he encountered. I was a bit hurt and told him that I was embarrased that he would not kiss me, and he said I would be more embarrassed had we did. He walked me home, and we said goodnight. I am a bit hurt because I am have started to develop feelings for this guy and can see him a potential partner, as he has a lot of qualities I am looking for in a mate. I feel that the best thing to do is take a break from him for awhile and not contact him. We have been inseperable since we met, and have talked and hung out everyday.
Asked Apr 12, 2016

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