Why do we put steel in concrete for construction?

The best reinforced concrete contractors will execute the construction project in a style that the structure gets appropriate compressive strength. A worthy contractor can ensure the qualitative standing of the project and hence, your investment lies sheltered.
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Asked Apr 12, 2016
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Concrete can be highly robust in compression but weaker in tension. Steel can be particularly strong in tension and provides tensile strength to concrete. The thermal expansion for each steel and concrete is the same. This, together with excellent bendability assets, makes steel the satisfying material for reinforcement in concrete structures. After the invention of R.C.C. in 1867, Steel became popular and reinforced the material.

Types of Steel used in concrete for structure:
Mild steel
Cold Twisted Deformed (CTD)
Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT)

TMT was introduced in India in 1980-1985, and it became a substantial hit. You may wonder why TMT was such an enormous hit. Let's take an illustration, suppose you require 1000 tons of mild steel reinforcement for constructing a bridge, this utilization can be cut down by 600 tons if TMT bars are used in place of Mild Steel bars. Therefore, the net consumption now was 400 tons. After this, Steel became the one and only option with concrete for construction.
Let's look at the chemical composition of these two materials.

Ductility of TMT bars is the same as that of mild steel bars, hence it is very suitable for making vibrating structures like bridges and for high-rise structures subjected to strong earthquake and wind forces.TMT bars are a current generation of steel bars for concrete reinforcements that are used nowadays. Earlier CTD bars were being used. Prior to that, M.S. bars were in need of R.C.C. construction works.

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