How do I resolve a bad job choice?

I was doing very very very well in my position at work, then, about 2 months ago was...I'll say "pushed" by many in leadership positions within my department, to apply and interview for a higher position within the organization. In reality I never wanted to apply and actually retracted my application once before putting it back in reluctantly. Long story short, I received so much pressure from higher ups to go for it that I just went ahead with the interview, and was offered the position. Even after the offer I emailed the director of the department to who I would report and advised them I did not think the role was right for me. The director simply dismissed my email and set up the promotion with HR, essentially forcing me to leave my old role and accept the new position. I think the reason for the pushiness of leadership is because the person whom I replaced was leaving the company and they literally had no replacements, and from what I have heard through the grapevine, nobody wanted the job. The other person who interviewed for the job and didn’t get it was unhappy with the people in the department, and thought I was crazy for accepting the position. I feel somewhat railroaded. I’ve been in the new position for about a month and am miserable for a number of reasons. Primarily I do not get along with the new team members, and it seems that there is a carnival atmosphere of more fooling around that actual work that gets accomplished. This makes me very uncomfortable. I now feel I have been displaced from my old role and have essentially "lost my job" because of these events. I am not sure how to proceed; any insight or suggestions would be appreciated.
Asked Apr 10, 2016

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