Why am I always blamed for everything?

So I am 14 years old. My family will claim that this isn't true but it is - my 10 year old sister is treated better than I am. My bedtime is 30 minutes later than her, and when we established a bedtime "contract" it said this (I'm replacing our names with "him" and "her") -

"He will have 30 minutes later than her in bedtime unless we are out somewhere late and past bedtime."

I must inform you that tonight we were home.

My sister got to bed at 9:25, and I was forced to bed at 9:45. That's breaking the agreement which is lying. It infuriates me. May I also include that my birthday was just a couple of months ago and I didn't even get told "Happy Birthday" from any of my family. My family drawls over my sister when it's her birthday. I'm angry and when I say that my parents have broken a promise (such as tonight), I get yelled at. I get yelled at all the time and my sister, when she does wrong, hardly gets admonished! One time there was only my bedroom door between my parents and me and I'm lucky they didn't break down the door. They don't abuse me, physically but I dread to think what would've happened that time if I hadn't shut the door. I feel like I'm being rejected in this house and my sister is being glorified. She also gets rewards and stuff when I do something wrong, but when she does something wrong I'm often blamed as well, even if I didn't do anything. I usually submit to my parents' authority, or at least try my very hardest. PLEASE ANSWER? Thank you.
Asked Apr 10, 2016
Don't worry, I know how you feel.Most Adults treat the younger sibling better than the other,it's Also called "Sibling Favorite".I would suggest if they continue to treat you like this,stand up for yourself and don't take their Garbage of blaming everything on you or also try to get proof of your sister doing the thing that you get blamed for so then they will believe you and they'll SE it was her.Good luck.
Answered Apr 10, 2016
That's sucks. My family is the same nothing has changed I'm 26 now and my brother is a drug addict they spend thousands on him getting him out of jail and me and two kids don't get shit. Not a dime, parents just have their favorites, my advice to u is.work hard in school get a job support ur self and move out
Answered Apr 10, 2016
Check out my questions u don't have it so bad trust me
I saw one of your questions as soon as I just opened this website again. I'm so sorry to hear that and sincerely hope things turn out well for you.

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