Not attracted to anyone anymore ugh

So for over a month now, I pretty much stopped being attracted to people. Like, I can find them pretty and handsome but im not attracted to them at all. Not only that but the thought of being in a relationship makes my stomach turn. Thinking that a person would be worrying about me a lot, wanting to be with me, hugging me or touching me at all makes me sick. It suddenly seems so overly sugary sweet that its disgusting. I have never been like this before. For a while I've been disliking everything thats sweet, wherever its food, affection, any type of touch or emotions. I have no problem with other people being sweet towards eachother, it makes me happy actually, its just the thought of me being like that is what makes me sick. I do suffer from anxiety and mild depression but I don't think it has anything to do with that because this is something I've been feeling just recently, this past month. Anyone know why Im like this?
Asked Apr 07, 2016

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