Questions on agoraphobia. Are you? Do you share similar traits?

So I'm currently writing an essay on technological advances in the 21st century and how the internet has altered the lives of human beings. At the moment I'm researching how the internet has made it possible to live a perfectly 'normal' life without having to leave the comfort of your own home; making it possible to form new relationships, order groceries and keep in contact family relations.

If you consider yourself to be agoraphobic or hold similar traits I'd like to hear/read your opinions on the following:

1. Would you say you rely on the internet for your day-to-day life?
2. How does the internet support your life?
3. Could you imagine a life without the internet? Why?
4. Have you found relationships (friendship/romantic/sexual) online?
5. If so, how did you find these relationships and how have they helped you?
6. What devices (such as smart phones, computers, etc.)
7. As an agoraphobic, or someone who holds similar characteristics, are there any comments you'd like to add related to your life? Does technology liberate you? What are your thoughts?!
Asked Apr 06, 2016

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