: I know a guy we both love eachother like brother and sister and always calls me his best sister bt

See we met through my friend we love eachoter like brother and sister . He always says he loves me the most and I'm the best sis .his cousin sis is a ex friend of mine when he talks to her and posts pics with her thn I feel bad .is this normal?
Asked Apr 02, 2016
It's because you like him. Boys and girls can not be friends without sexual tension. You should talk about your feelings for each other. This happens to more all the time as a man when ever I make a friend that's a girl I tell them if we ever develop feels for each other we need to talk about. I just had a talk yesterday with a girl we both like each other but can not stand to lose each other so we are going to be friends till the right momment comes along because dating would be to intense. Being friends is great because you get all the things you need out of a boyfriend or girlfriend but you both need to know how you feel about each other and how dating other people effects you. If your just friends and there are no other complications you guys should just date and see how that works out. Because if you don't you end up hurting each other when dating other people.

If your under 18 I do not suggest dating tho it only leads to hurt at those ages
Answered May 23, 2016

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