Why are none of my questions on this website receiving answers?

So just a few days ago I joined this site. I came from Yahoo Answers and really love this website over that one. I asked a few questions my first day here, but none of them were answered so I deleted them. I waited several hours before taking them off the "asking block." I asked a few more the next day, no answers after waiting several hours. Is it because I'm very new to the community? I just joined 3 days ago. This is why on my last question which I just asked, at the end of the question I included "please answer" in parentheses to see if it'd be answered that way. Do you know why my questions aren't receiving answers? Thank you!
Asked Apr 01, 2016
i have just joined this website too and on the unanswered questions none seem to have answers over the last few days you were the onley person to answer mine
Answered Apr 02, 2016

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