Gun store in California sells me long gun, ask me to come back with proof of residency, any advice?

A few days ago I picked up my gun from the gun store in California after the 10 day waiting period. I come in, sign papers and all the usual ordeal when buying a gun. I get my gun, I leave the store no problems as usual. I drive home and drop the gun off at the safe at my temporary address and then I go out with some buddies for the evening. 1 hour later I get a call from the store and the women tells me I have to come bring in my car registration. I'm a bit puzzled because I have never had that happen before. I tell her the car is under my fathers name and I also tell her I pay no utility bills for the permanent address on my DL and the DROS being that I'm 21 and going to college. She tells me I need to bring in my lease agreement for temporary address I stay at. I tell her also that it's at my permanent address and it is being fumigated unfortunately. She gets a little frustrated and tells me I have to bring it in 2 days which I can't even do. Plus I even told her I have engineering lectures and responsibilities during the week so I can't just come whenever. I don't think they understand what awkward situation they put me in. I can't come in for another 5 days. Besides the point, it's not my fault that they forgot to ask me at the store and who's this on anyway? Who's in the wrong? Am I in any trouble? Plus inst bad for them? They want me to show proof of residency which I'm pretty sure only applies to handguns, not long guns. I have bought several long guns within the past year and have never had this problem once. Any advice?
Asked Mar 11, 2016

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