Is it "pathetic" to choose your dog over your boyfriend of 2 years?

We've been dating for almost 2 years. A week before Christmas I sent my boyfriend a picture of a puppy that was available, she was very cute, so he insisted that I bring her home. I even asked several times, "ARE YOU SURE?" And he said yes over and over again to a point where he got annoyed of me asking and told me to just go get the puppy. So I picked her up and brought her home. We loooooove her, her name is Amber. In the beginning, she stayed closer to him but now she has grown extremely attached to me. Our bond is tight and I can't imagine living without that dog by my side. My boyfriend and I have had problems throughout all of our relationship. Last month my boyfriend's dad offered to sell him his house for an amazingly LOW price. Literally a deal you can't refuse!!! It's the house my boyfriend grew up in as a child, so right away he told his dad he will take it. Well, my boyfriend and I moved into an apartment in October 2015. Our lease will not end until this October. His dad has agreed to let us stay where we are until the lease ends before moving to that house. My boyfriend is dead set he's moving down there and is wanting me to go as well to start a life together (maybe have kids). I did not tell my boyfriend "yes, I'll move down there with you" and I also haven't told him "no, I don't want to move with you." So, that was still up in the air. Like I mentioned, we have had a rough relationship full of arguments because of both of our pasts. Anyways, we recently found out that Amber (my dog) will not be able to live at the house he's moving into because of her breed. She's half red nose pit and half lab. This broke my heart. He started saying things like, "well she's still young and cute...we'll be able to find another home for her and since she's still little, she'll be able to connect to another family." I cried, for a long time. He basically gave me the "it's the dog or me" line.
But the truth is, I'm not sure if I truly want to move in with him. I was thinking of using Amber as a way to get out moving down there with him. But then he tells me these things:
"Are you choosing that dog over a human?"
"I wish we never got that dog, it's ruining my life with you."
"My dad asked me if you were really considering the dog over me and he said that's fucked up."
"My grandpa said no one should ever pick a dog over a person."
"My Aunt Ruby laughed when I told her about the problem with the house and the dog."

My heart is breaking. I have a strong bond with Amber and I don't want to leave her. I can't, my heart can't take it. I love that dog, maybe more than my boyfriend. I've always been a dog person, I LOVE dogs. And so, yesterday! He brought home this little dog named Jasper. He's a TINY dog, a chihuahua mix. I've always been more attached to big dogs. Jasper gets on my nerves already and I don't want him in the apartment. Plus, Amber is nice to that tiny dog and he is so mean to Amber and I defend her. We argued all last night about the dogs.

He tells me "I love Amber too but I know I can't have her there."
I just don't know what to do. :(
I need advice, please. Anyone who has ever gone through this. Thank you!
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Asked Mar 04, 2016

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