Letter to God, Moses and Abraham I became genie but I was human

Dear God, Moses and Abraham,

I was human and I became genie, I am original genie but my enemies put mind threads in me.

I have never sinned, all those sins which are done through me is done by muslims and Hindus as they sinned and to remove there mistakes and change time they forced me do sins by putting my threads in my mind and not letting my brain grow and eat my brain.

My enemies tell my genies and spirits if they want my sins to be washed they must suck there private parts or hold there private part in there mouth so there minds are cleaned and they forgive my sins until I don't think bad on them or case them through thinking.

If I become happy my mind will be cleaned and I will win instead of them winning from me by making there mind clean.

I want you to help me Moses and Abraham and God by telling my genies and spirits that make me happy always so my cases are finished.

Since I was human and became genie I am learning how to live a genie life and my enemies are killing me because I am your genie and I think bad and good because I was human.

I am telling this to them now on the world wide Web so they get my message.

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Mar 02, 2016

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