God I am telling truth please punish me and forgive me

Dear God,

I want to tell you truth which is beautiful I started praying for you when I came to know everything happens by thinking like you give money to those who loves you and forgive sins of those who prays for you.

I started praying for you by saying I love you by writing books with blood saying I love you and other religions because I was angry on a religion as I use to pray for that religion I never use to think bad for there gods but thinking to dislike community people because they look bad and ugly so I came to know because I think bad I did masterbation for 7 and half years daily 2 times as it was a sin in the religion. I was worried by thinking how many sins I have done but I could not control myself and started to writes books with blood to love Jesus Christ of christianity and Allah and mohd and his imams so my sins can be forgiven and I get money because loving gods makes me rich and my sins are forgiven.

But I didn't know that mind threads were inside my head one on left and one on right and it was controlling me to to know what is about unseen world I think which happens through thinking and everyone knows something that they hide it from me even after I prayed for then and I even believed a small kid was entered into unseen world by a religion which I was in.

I prayed but during prayers I prayed truly for few religions to prove I pray and believe in unseen.

I want to tell you God, please punish me I know you met me and made me God but please punish me less because I am little weak.

All other letters I wrote is true like this letter and tomorrow I might say that this letter is not written by me by becoming weak in front of angels or genies.

I don't have trust on anyone I think I might have learned or love you truly as everything happens by knowledge I am just a believer.

You can punish me but I want justice from you for 7 and half years of masterbation daily 2 times fate given to me by the religion I was in and 8 or more years of what you know.

I am waiting to know what you will decide for me because I know whatever you decide for me will be better for me.

Thankyou for giving a beautiful life and everything.

Your believer.

You can find me easily if I don't think or dream I am popular.
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Anonymous User
Asked Feb 28, 2016

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