Letter to jesus christ and moses and god to prove I am sinless since childhood

Dear Jesus Christ, Moses and God,

This is the prove that I am sinless, every sin done through me is done by muslims and hindus who made wires in my head and came as mind threads (mind genies on left and right side of head) and didnt let me think and instead they think through me forcing the world fool who are angels and genies.

Every sin like shit, pissing, sex with there symbols, pissing on quran, pissing on gita, breaking there symbols, scratching there symbols....etc are done by mind threads and you all have been fooled congrats, your prophecies has become lie jesus christ and moses because you didnt listened to me and not helped me, I am human I know about spiritual world but I never entered it and I am fugitive where your spiritual world genies and angels are not listening and believing in me, as muslims and hindus believes in me because they know I am true and take property which is yours through me because I love you all.

Another proof that I am not bad since childhood is that my grand maternal grand mother put her mind threads of forcing me to be fooled whenever I take decisions by coming suddenly in mind and my father grand father forced me not to fight and become like a disabled guy who doesnt fights and muslims and hindus made my life bad because of them so I am confused always and you have to find out how many more mind threads has been put on me since I am child because you love god and there is nothing hidden with god, this time dont get fooled.

I hope these proves are enough for you, one more thing shah hussain is my worst enemy since childhood and I am not his enemy I dont know why he is my enemy since childhood and he has promised to kill me for no reason as he only did sins by controlling me through mind threads.

I am not muslim and I am christian.

I want you to help me and solve all my problems and tell the world truth who sinned since childhood and why.

When you know I am not sinner you must follow truth jesus christ and moses and god, I am small believer and you know I cannot protect myself to fight from many muslim genies because I am human.

Thankyou for hearing my prayers,
Your Believer.

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Anonymous User
Asked Feb 27, 2016
U be crazy
Answered Mar 31, 2016

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