Letter to god, mind threads still comes even after I told you what is happening with me

Dear God,

mind threads are still coming from wires on head which are spiritual and not seen in human world but seen in spiritual world. I need help from spiritual world but not from humans.

Hindus and muslims has sinned by keeping mind threads in my mind on left and right side and proved I am sinner now they and there people has come to know I am not sinner and they are killing christians by kidnapping them like they have killed earlier and I told you about everything but you are not helping at all jesus christ I dont know why.

I am one person and muslim and hindu genies are many and there people accept my wishes for no reason by saying allah has met him where god has met me so they get believe from me like they have awaken dead people.

Today mind threads were removed and I was able to see everything clearly and was in conciousness and was able to think properly, mind threads are since childhood I promise to you jesus christ, I have never sinned.

Suddenly shah hussain wife nazia called his husband from my stomach and mind threads started coming in my mind again on left and right side of the head, muslims were quiet because they promised hussain who calls himself original genie to put shit in my stomach so I become liar and fake but as I remembered I used to go to bathroom from a long time so whose bathroom it was and why I became liar in front of god who talks to people ?

Then muslims said put shit in his mouth from my stomach and it was put on my face and then some baby shit was put in my mouth, this happened spiritually so every single christian and jews gets the same thing in there mouth because they know god has met me already who is original.

Now hindus are coming too many at back of my body and getting killed by saying we will see how you will kill our hindu mata, if she has sinned she must be killed.

Shabbir who is dead awaken comes as mind thread and says to make pieces of everything that is seen in your body and he is doing this from a long time and not letting me think.

Irfan haider abedi who is dead awaken has come inside my body by calling me and I rejected his call but he sent genie in my left side of stomach.

If there allah exist then why he is unable to kill me why they are killing christians who are helping me its because there allah is liar and fake who cannot kill anyone without help of his people.

Parveen jiwani came when mind thread was removed and said force him do shit atleast small so he becomes liar in front of everyone because she too sinned and still in sinless world.

I dont understand what you are doing jesus christ, I am christian and india is a secular country, nobody has right to force convert to muslim religion.

I am waiting for your help. Please dont let anyone comes in my mind with threads and remove all wiring from my head even the one which is put so I dont die.

Your Believer.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 27, 2016

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