How do you fight academic plagiarism if accused?

I recently turned in a paper about an interview that I conducted for my Composition course. My professor pulled me aside after class to tell me that my paper had been plagiarized. There is no way that this is possible because I did not plagiarize anything. She told me to look at my plagiarism check that is used when we turn in the assignments. There were two sentences that were "plagiarized", and from websites I have never even heard of. I interviewed a police officer because Criminal Justice is my major and we had to do something related to that. The sentences that were marked as plagiarized were when I introduced the profession by saying that most officers want to help people, and although the idealistic views of the job are not generally realistic, the officers work toward end goals with every shift and when I explained what the police explorer program is. Again, this is my major, I know what this program is, down to the very specifics. I also know the specifics because I dated someone for a year and a half who was in the explorer program. My professor does not want to believe I did not plagiarize because the wording sounds almost exactly the same, and she said that it is statistically improbable. How do I explain to her that its a coincidence that I used that same wording, and that I already knew what the program was? I did not plagiarize, and I do not want to have to fail a course over two sentences in an essay that happen to sound like something from the internet.
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Asked Feb 26, 2016

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