Dear god and jesus christ, did you get proof that I am sinner or sinless?

Dear God and Jesus Christ,

Did you get proof that I am sinner or sinless, hearing from side makes you give decision because for humans taking decisions for animals is no joke, whatever humans decide for animals. animals are forced to do it because they dont understand humans language.

Since you are god and you are jesus christ who talks through thoughts and thinking do you know humans thinks true and fake and lies and says truth ?

Do you believe in those genies and spirits who did sins many times and gives there sins to others and force them to die by taking there sins ?

Jesus christ did you died for god by taking humans sins or genies sins or dead people sins ? if you have taken everyone sins then you must be of truth, why you dont tell truth that what is truth about me, do I need to think so you know what is truth, what about those who has erased there memories and tells you truth, do you believe in them more then human who lies and says truth ?

You god you have met me am I sinner ? if I am not sinner then how can jesus christ decide I am sinner by knowing about me from others who lies ?

Can you meet sinners god and give all planets to sinner like me ?

If I tell then only everybody understands and listens if I am quiet I am treated like animal. I am human if I enter into spiritual world I can tell everything truth.

After you come to know truth you will take decision but it will be late, my life will be wasted like it is wasted until now and sins will be given to me of others by believing in me forcely and telling me I am sinner and awaking dead people by saying god said he is truth.

If you already met me god and jesus christ then how am I called sinner, I mean hitler killed many people and he is still sinless, am I right ? if memories are not repeated everybody will remove there sins and do good deeds and becomes good just like human world it happens in spiritual world.

If I am lying then who is telling truth, let me come into spiritual world why my enemies are not letting me come into spiritual world where sex happens. When evil can enter into spiritual world am I worst then evil ?

I need to know truth, if others remember of dreams and fool you then I know how to fool you and you will kill everyone if I fool you and I am not kidding.

I want justice, use courts or any religion that says there is one god or there god is only true and see what is true and if anyone is taking there sins see why and who are taking there sins.

If genies and spirits can give there sins to others then why humans cannot give there sins to others and genies first force humans to sin and then remembers of dream to god who has been fooled from million of years, am I right ?

You need to speak out jesus christ because you witnessed you have taken everyone sins and died, remember if everything is from knowledge then god doesnt exist and you died because you wanted to life forever.

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 25, 2016

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