If I played any games I want to die right now forever witnessing god of universe

If I played any games I want to die right now forever without giving my death to anyone or my death taken by anyone and I must die forever witnessing god of universe.

I never played games with anyone, it was muslim and hindu genies who controlled me to theft property by forcing me to pray and love god so they can enjoy in the world otherwise I would have entered into spiritual world until now if they were truth.

Today they are millionair and billionair and I am sinner and poor and god doesnt even hear me because god is based on thinking and thoughts, god cannot find anyone who doesnt thinks or takes his name.

Anyone who witnesses truth in there religion I want them to find out through there gods religion whether I played games or not and if I played games I will die forever right now and if didnt played games tell the world why and how and who played games using me and why I am sinner until now and who must die with there generations.

If you dont tell the truth I curse your generations of any religion gods who knows truth and doesnt tells truth so your entire generations becomes finished and you come to me to take revenge and curse on your forever which is not taken by anyone or given to anyone where you die forever with your generations.

If I played games without seeing anyone or spiritual world how I played games you need to everything about me, everything since I am kid how much times I pissed and it was my piss or others, every action of me since childhood and every thinking of me since childhood.

I dont care if you become poor tell the truth if you believe you are true god and when you claim you played games I want you to die forever with your generations.

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Anonymous User
Asked Feb 25, 2016
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