Letter to god, read my letter I am human just died for you

Dear God and Jesus Christ,

I hope you are doing fine, I wanted to tell you how much controllable I am and how much muslims and hindus are controlling me in reality and in dreams.

2 days ago I saw a man forced me in dream to have sex with him who was hindu.

1 day ago I saw a muslim woman who was on christ logo and she forced me do porn with her.

whenever I am thinking by keeping my mind clean muslims are coming into me and forcing me to sin and you dont know anything because you are on thinking and dream based, if nobody tells you what is happening with me you will not take action against my enemies at all who are controlling me and forcing me to do sins so there mistakes are erased.

I am human I am witnessing truth if I lie I will die right now if I am true you must kill my enemies forever who are changing themself to love me when you find out who are my enemies.

I told muslim scholar that muslims spirits are forcing me to do sins but he said tell god but not allah and I keep hearing help allah in my stomch forced to take allah name by qari scholar.

I am not muslim so why muslims are forcing me to become muslim. Muslims allah is public they first force people to do sins and then when person who sinned goes in public, public find out he has sinned without researching and person gets problem.

How you can be like this god when you are better then human, even jesus doesnt know what happens in my stomach ? if he wants to become last son of god then I am not interested I just want to die now because everytime I am controlled I take your name asking to help in reality but your spirits or nobody helps instead muslims shouts from my stomach saying help allah and muslims spirits comes and says its good he has sinned where I have not sinned or never sinned.

If I loved you did I do a sin ? muslims wants property from me which is love as they bring into reality and give to there people and to whom shall I say this about property as everybody will think I am mad when I say about me what is happening.

I think I loved you one side love that is the reason you never talk to me or tell me I am not sinner after knowing truth or its that you never listen to humans and when someone takes your name then only you hear, why do I need to believe in you or take your name asking for help, why you dont take action immediately when I need help, I am human just died for you and still alive, if that is giving muslims warnings there religion will be finished because I levitate in reality and in dreams and if I levitate there religion will be finished that is why they are forcing me do sins and you are not doing anything.

Just tell me you dont love me I will think I loved you one sided love just like jesus does, as the first time I saw him I saw he was fool.

I am waiting for your prayers.

Your Believer.
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Anonymous User
Asked Feb 25, 2016

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