Interior Design or Graphic Design?

住靚屋多年處理不少特式單位, 包括室內設計, 裝修設計及訂造傢俬,迎合不同用家需要。我們擁有豐富裝修設計及訂造傢俬經驗,令每顧客打造出最舒適的家。
Asked Feb 24, 2016
Hi there,
I think Graphics design is better than Interior Design.
Gustavo Woltmann
Answered Feb 24, 2016
Graphic design !!!
Answered Feb 25, 2016
I think graphics design is better than Interior Design.
Graphic design is the process of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space and image.
Answered Feb 29, 2016
If you are creative and your imagination power is good then both interior designing and graphic designing options are good. But in my views interior designing id best option.
Answered Apr 29, 2016
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Answered Mar 13, 2017
Interior Designing has a few bucks but Graphic Designing is one of the sure.
Answered Mar 31, 2017
According to my thought, graphic design.
Answered May 17, 2018
Graphics Business is different from graphics as an art. It goes beyond the aim of demonstrating creativity to projecting a brand, message or product to the public. Since it helps shape the perception of the public about a company, companies today cannot afford to overlook the graphic design company in Mumbai.
Answered Feb 08, 2019
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Answered Mar 20, 2019
Interior design needs a lot of good ideas. You'll need to use the corners rather than other places when you have a tiny home and you're not sure how you can get in a lot of ideas. If you enjoy decorating and furnishing your home and have a strong eye for colour matching, you need to explore the rewarding career of an interior designer. You have to search for nooks where you can to ensure that living spaces can be built where they are typically overlooked. Since you can stack squares, rectangles, and similar forms, and combined, you can optimise almost all of the areas you have in your home and tie it all together for a sleek look and feel that will set off the limitations of the square footage of your home. You may take the help of
Answered Oct 07, 2020

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