I am looking for a god like this

I am looking for god like this, does god founds in any religion like I am looking for ? Please tell me.

I am looking for a god who is beautiful and take cares of his believer or lover without praying for him or loving him or taking his name when need of help or doesn't believes in him.

I am looking for a god even if I go against him and beat his name or say with sword killing his name god by shouting since he is unseen he must ignore me because he is god he is not seen to me and he must not punish me on anything and he must like me and love me even if I look bad or ugly and he must take care of me whether I think good or bad on him or on anyone.

I am looking for a god who can give me everything I want by making me rich and giving me happiness.

I am looking for a god who can give me girls in reality without even believing on him for sex, girls who will never do sex with anyone even if god tells them to do with others because relationship matters to me.

I am looking for a god who can give me millions or billions of wives to love me and live with me after knowing that god is based on thinking and thoughts.

If anyone becomes my enemy I want my god to kill him before he comes near me.

I like to be seduced if I need someone strong for sex my god must come in by becoming girl and become happy with me you know what I mean. God must be my everything but not servant who is looking at me since I am kid or since now after god knows what I am and what I do and how I react, after knowing about me.

I am looking for a god who will later become like I ask him, not like a servant but like a real god who makes a human happy for his entire life.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 23, 2016

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