Am I bisexual?

I am a 27 old woman, I have dated and fallen in love with men before, and had sexual intercourse with men, which I enjoyed. I had never thought about or aware much about sex or sexuality before I became sexually active. After I was sexually active I realized I find woman attractive, I fantasize about having lesbian relationship and I had a mild crush on girl. As I was in a relationship with a guy I never did anything about it. I cannot figure out if the attraction is strong enough worth or it is just some fantasy! Should I try dating/ hooking up with girl to figure it out? I am afraid if this is just something in my head it may go really bad specially for the girl I would date!!! How can I be sure if I am bisexual or not?
Asked Feb 23, 2016
talk to Jesus
If you love women and men, If you are attracted by both genders´╝î you are bisexual. if you want to know more bisexual, can help you.
Answered Mar 13, 2018
you are. it ok
Answered May 21, 2018

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