I got bullied in school. What should I do?

He kind of "steal" my textbooks and he draw all sorts of things on my books. He never ask for permission if he wants to borrow anything from me. The most frustrating is he threw my pen to the bin after using it without giving me back. He never did his homework so he copied my answers and I'm so angry that I scolded him for all he did to me and he started to screw on my parents and me but I really hate him screwing me and my parents when they did nothing wrong. Please help me. What should I do? He's so rich and his parents believe in him and did not trust me because of that my parents don't have that background to scold him or what. Please help me I really can't live with this kind of school life anymore...
Asked Feb 19, 2016
if hes copying your homework get the answers wrong on purpose on one paper and let hem copy that one. fill out another paper so to turn in to the teacher. I suggest telling this to your teacher so that when he does it the teacher will catch him. there are always that type of kid in every school, I had a kid do something similar to me when I was in school.
Answered Feb 20, 2016

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