Do people play online games for fun?

Just want to know whether people play online games for fun or to earn money?
Asked Feb 18, 2016
Edited Feb 18, 2016
Definetly for both reasons, some people play them to make money while having fun playing and others just do it for one or the other reason.
Answered Feb 18, 2016
Some people play games for fun at first until they got into it so much. I think that is why we now have esports, its because for some people games are not always for fun. Here are some games that you might want to try:
Answered Jan 12, 2018
Well in the beginning, phase no one thinks about the money. Once they get far into it that they start making money then they pursue it further and take it as a profession. I have seen many youngsters playing online games for fun now playing for big leagues a great example is Sumail a member of Evil Geniuses.
Answered Feb 07, 2018
Some people play online games for fun while some for learning. There are various websites that help people to learn numerous information through games. One such website that help students to learn various interesting activities like art and craft, general awareness, personality development and numerous other is Schoolchalao.
Answered Feb 08, 2018
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Answered Mar 19, 2018
Online gaming are gaining popularity nowadays, there are numerous website that offer various types of games. One of them is Select2Win. It is an online platform where people can play fantasy cricket leagues, IPL fantasy leagues.

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Answered Apr 12, 2018
Three Invisible Needs of gamer and why they play games
Gamers often throw around the term “escapism” when talking about their hobby, but this is a hollow explanation for what actually motivates us to play games. In fact, the word “escape” contains some negative implications – suggesting that those who play games feel a need to break free from the mundane slavery of their reality. We enjoy retreats to other realities – ones more fantastical than our own – but we aren’t always driven to play games because we are trying to escape our lives. The real motivations for play are far more complex, and games fulfill several real-world human needs in a number of positive ways.
According to Rigby, Immersyve’s complex needs-satisfaction metrics narrow down to three basic categories. The first of these needs is a need for competence – that is a desire to seek out control or to feel mastery over a situation. People like to feel successful, and we like to feel like we’re growing and progressing in our knowledge and accomplishments. This need plays out in real life when people decide to switch careers or go back to school because their current job isn’t rewarding or challenging enough. It’s also easy to see how video games make us feel more accomplished. Every time we level up in Final Fantasy or defeat a challenging boss in God of War, games are fulfilling our desire to feel competent.

Our second psychological need is autonomy: the desire to feel independent or have a certain amount of control over our actions. This need pervades nearly every facet of our culture. The drive toward autonomy is why people instinctively dislike being manipulated; it’s why imprisonment is a punishment, and why we feel an innate urge to rebel against slavery. This need explains why game series that offer players a wealth of free choices – such as The Elder Scrolls or Grand Theft Auto – are so popular.
The final psychological human need is relatedness. We like to feel like we matter to others, and we like to feel like we are making a significant contribution to society. In a 2003 study, the University of Massachusetts Medical School discovered that people with altruistic tendencies generally have higher levels of mental health and less overall life stress.
Answered May 07, 2018
Surely, online games is one of the great ways to have fun and relax too. There are lots of choice from online browser games to online apk apps games on apknire sites. Check all oof these and you will find out more for your question ^^
Answered Feb 27, 2019

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