Mental health help?

I'm 12 years old and I'm depressed and I don't know how to tell my parents. I'm not an idiot, I know countless other people have said this and I can just google it but my situation is significantly worse; my parents a re psychiatrists. They freaking WORK WITH DEPRESSED PEOPLE FOR A LIVING BUT THEY DONT NOTICE
They constantly say I'm just acting the victim and honestly I'm sick of it. I often have breakdowns in my room at night where I lose control and start sobbing and I've tried to cut myself so many times but literally NOTHING (knife, scissors, razor blade, safety pin, paper edge, pen lid NOTHING) will break through my skin so I have to settle for only scratching but quite frequently to actually feel anything. I don't think I have proper feelings anymore, and I've just stopped caring about everything like grades, keeping friends, sleeping and eating. If I told my parents that I am depressed they would just tell me that I don't even know what depression is or how it works and that I'm only saying that for attention. My sister is no help either, her favourite hobby seems to just be bringing me down. I can't show anyone the things I like, like my drawings, because they say that they're crap and I'm wasting my time. I tell them how much I love music and they tell me to shut up because I'm a bad singer. Don't tell me to go to my school counsellor, she's no help because she'll just tell my parents an teachers everything. I have nowhere to run to and no way to see a therapist without talking to my parents first. They're not bad people necessarily, they're just not the nicest sometimes. My best friend has the same problem, and I've told my mum about that (because she is a psychiatrist) and they just told her to see a therapist, but she had no way to do that. I don't talk to her about my problems, I just listen to hers and I like it that way. Talking to my friends is not an option, I've tried many times and just ended up chicken ing out. Please help me
Asked Feb 16, 2016
Edited Jul 05, 2016
Rhts srrange of your parents if theyrebmental health proffessionals. Ive been depressed too u can talk toe if u like. Talk to a helpline such as childline they wonr judge u n also they might help u think abt how to tell ur parents dw they wunt tell anyone unless u r seriously gonna kill irslef or someone else. Rhe.samaritains dun even tell for tht. They only tell if u have already given them jr adress which u dun have to n u go unconsois while on the phone
Answered Feb 18, 2016
A razor definitely cuts your skin, if you couldn't control it it would Pearce through. Scratches are just for attention, that doesn't mean you don't deserve attention though speak to authorities at school and ask for help
Answered Jul 30, 2016
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Answered Jul 27, 2018

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