This Teacher has serous anger problems, and I think she needs to be fired?

Okay well This teacher I have for reading seems to have a lot of anger problems.She always is getting mad whenever the class starts talking and always screams and yells at us because of it.She also hates it whenever a group of students are just standing out in the hall and she yells at them to get to class.She also is rascist to Black Kids and constantly harrasses them.And today, she threatened to write us all up just for talking and I don't understand why she is so mad all the time and why she has such a temper.She also said the other day "When I was little, My Mother would always say, SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND BE QUIET! AND THATS WHAT ALL OF YOU DUMBHEADS NEED TO DO AND MAKE IT GO DOWN YOUR GOD DANG BRAIN!" and that right there makes me think she was abused.I don't know, but I think she needs to be fired and get help with her anger problems because it will just continue and she will get away with it.Also,she screams extremley loud so the whole class can hear it, probably the other classes can as well it is so loud.I have no idea why the school hasn't fired her yet, but I don't know.What should I do? Also today, she said "YOU IDIOTS DON'T KNOW THIS, BUT I CAN BE EVIL TO!" and that makes me know now that she knows that she is mean and hateful to her students and that she doesn't care since she is willing to admit she is evil.she needs to be fired, and if anyone wants to report her her name is Ms. Kalinwoski she works at WRMS.
Asked Feb 10, 2016
Edited Feb 10, 2016

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