Please help me I am so confused as to what he is doing and why?

Sorry in advance this might be a bit long but I met someone through a mutal friend and we had been flirting for ages and he said he really liked me and I believed him as I had no reason not too...then all of a sudden he wasn't as talkative anymore so I asked him if I had done something to upset him and he said no,he put it down to that he had work to do and it was just taking forever to get it done and a few days later he had a picture of himself with a chick as his pp so I decided not to contact him because if he did have a gf then I didn't want to get involved so a few months went by with no talking then he randomly msgs me the one night and tells me he *misses my face so I replied and said sorry I am just at a party I hope u are good though so then he replied again and said hiiiiiii sorry just at a party I am too old for this shit so I responded with ahhh ok np have fun.I didn't want to flirt back because obviously at this point I am fully aware that he has a gf so about another month went by with no contact at all and then he randomly sends me another msg saying hey stranger danger I thought about u a lot last night,i hope ur doing well xx so I responded with I am fine thank-u and how are u with which he responded I am fine thanks I met a {my name} last night and thought of you and then I responded with ahhh ok cool :) then I didn\t hear from him again but what makes it incredibly akward now is that I have to see him with his gf every single time our mutual friend has a get together and he had a FB account which I was his friend on and another chick he was with and he seems to have deactivated it however it isn't the first time he has done this he seems to do it whenver he gets into a new relationship but this time he deactivated it and I realised he created a completely new one because he has become friends with our mutual friend on there and his new FB page seems to be dedicated to his new gf yet he has not removed me from whatsapp or his old account.Please could you give me some answers,i am so confused.
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Anonymous User
Asked Feb 10, 2016
Edited Feb 10, 2016
He seems to be manipulating girls for some reason.I would suggest to tell his current girlfriend about it.He doesn't sound like a very nice person.
Answered Feb 10, 2016

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