After doing sex spiritually why not meeting in public?

Dear God,

For a man and woman the most private thing in there life is doing sex from which they remove there fear and become friends with each other.

So hindu and muslim womans did sex with me spiritually and have big kids now born spiritually as I doubt while I was laying on the bed only so what is the shame to meet me after having sex ? I dont understand I mean not even sending email or telling me there name or how they look like or from which family they belong to and becoming a star in bollywood and claims themselves to be allah daughters ? is that a joke ? and they are not letting me marry anyone in the world by saying we have come in real world ? so what I do if you have come in real world I prayed many times and tell your god asking them if I have any muslim or hindu wives come and meet me as nobody stops married couples not to meet even god of any religion.

So what was the problem ? as you know sex is that which is done from both sides its not doing sex alone and saying you have done sex with me. I am man and a man can do sex better then woman.

Because your religion god and his spirits thefts thinking from me whenever I pray and call for sex so kids are born from me because they know I love god of universe and love torah so your religion gods thefted thinking from me and forced muslim and hindu womans born kids with me according to my knowledge because your gods will get property from kids which is thinking which they bring into reality and give to there religion to make someone rich and popular and advance there religion by using me.

You must know what is sex, until my stomach becomes empty a man doesnt become happy, I hope you understand.

If you still believe in your fake gods then leave your religion because you are in fake religion which says they are testing me and thefts thinking by forcing me to pray and love them because they know I am strong.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 10, 2016
Answered Dec 13, 2016
Edited Dec 13, 2016
If you could maybe whittle that down into an actual question, people may be able to provide answers.
jaxz0rz Dec 13, 2016

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