I am man and was raped by whom can you tell me god or lovers of jesus or lovers of bible?

I am man 35 years old and I was raped by muslim and hindu womans and I dont know there names and age and I dont know how they look like and from which families they belong to, all I know is that they raped me when someone from my stomach shouted by saying "I NEED SEX" as I heard the voice which was from spiritual world as I believe.

I want to know if jesus witnessed the truth by dying on the cross truly or he did sins so he died.

Today I dont have clothes to wear and money to buy clothes. I have roughely 2/3 pairs of jeans and shirts.

I am waiting for answer from bible lovers and jesus lovers and god lovers and those who says they ever loved someone truly so atleast I know who raped me so I pray for them like the bible says to pray for someone who did adultry and there sins are washed.

I am waiting for reply from angels.

I just want to say god, you are beautiful and there are someone stronger then you and that is people on this planet earth who lives in spiritual world and believes in you but doesnt care about you.

I hope you find out everything about me with your knowledge or any other religion knowledge as everyone says there is only one god of everyone to fool innocent humans like me.

Your First Love who is unable to think and tell you from mind!
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 10, 2016
Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins, the sins of every person ever in the world. He committed NO sins himself and the very notion that he may have is basically sacrilege. Good job praying for those who did this to you and I hope they can find that God loves them as much as any other person. Everyone sins except Jesus. He was fully man and fully God at the same time. God can not dwell in the presence of sin so Jesus sinned not. Everyone but Jesus sins no matter how hard they try. I sin all the time even though I try not to. Always remember that Jesus would have died for you even if you were the only person in the world. He loves you that much and NEVER forget it. God bless you and keep you.
Answered Jul 24, 2017

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