I never entered into spirit world and I have been cased in real world

Dear God,

I have never entered into spirit world and I have been cased in spirit world into real world where I have never seen spirits and they claim I have murdered, forgery, raped.....etc which I brought from dream to reality.

If it is true then what are you doing and what your sons and daughters are doing.

If you cannot control your world or gave me world to control then I wish I want to become rich and famous and I dont want any spirit to claim I wished and I got it from you not from any one.

I need respect and I want my enemies who are in spirit world to be punished like they punished me.

If your sons and daughters cannot punish sinners why they are not telling you truth.

Why do I need to leave a memory somewhere so you know what is truth.

After you have met me in hyderabad, india Muslims and Hindu police has aten the memory from my mind where I met you in universe and now they want me to be naked in front of people so they prove there gods are true and you are fake with whom complete universe runs.

Do I need to tell you so you take action like it happens in human world, Since you have met me in hyderabad, india in dream which is reality muslims and hindus are turning my food into shit and making water into piss and even I felt someone like jesus put piss on my tounge.

When you dont know truth or there knowledge says I am sinner without knowing truth how they can make my life bad and do shit and piss in spirit world from the year you have met me.

You gave me planets to run and now everything is stolen from me or what ? when my thinking is thefted can I be able to think or be in conciousness ?

I am still like a kid I need your help.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 10, 2016

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