I want to convince this Man to redeem and see that Mean Teacher for who he really ,is what to do?

Okay well there is this one man who is (kinda) nice and kinda mean, but he is really a good guy he just expects better of people.He is the Iss Teacher there and he is also one of my friends stepfathers so I know him personally kinda.He also has a good sense of humor and reminds me of a Person from a TV show.Anyway, he is friends with that Mean Teacher and His Assistant, and I want him to stop thinking they are good people and let him see them for who they really are.I want him to see that they are both Monsters who need to lose their jobs forever period. Also, I think that This Man should also start acting less like he is bad and stop making people scared of him and show them that he is really a nice guy.Because he has made a lot of enemies from students who do not like him because they think he is Mean.I want to convince this Man to also get a less gruff personality and act nicer than he did before. He also is cool man because he likes to listen to music in his room.It also sickens me that he thinks that Mean Teacher Assistant is a Nice Guy, and I want him to see him for who he really is.Also, this Man is a former police officer, so he might could help in getting them fired, and Possibly arresting them.So want should I do to make him see them for who they really are?
Asked Feb 10, 2016

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