I need help from lovers of god I need help from jesus christ and moses and abraham and noah

Today I was laying on the bed and able to think and feel and suddenly I felt a spirit came in my mind and his name was karaar as I heard his voice I know him who stays besides my home but I was confused how anyone can go in anyone mind and he quickly thefted thinking from my mind and put my thinking on islam religion. I am converted to christianity long time back since I was a teenager and I felt hindus and christians too did the same thing and I dont know how many other religions did the same by thefting thinking from me which I got after praying to god and after god met me in universe.

I asked jesus, moses, abraham for help because I am unable to think and feel my body.

I was still unable to see properly, as I asked for help, I heard a voice of christian angel he asked spirt karaar who are you and karaar replied by saying I am genie and the angel asked since how many years you are thefting thinking from him and karaar replied from last 6 years since god has met him, and putting it on islam to run and make people rich and popular and make homes of muslims and everything what muslims wants and make name of islam on top of everyone using my thinking.

By thefting his thinking we have made muslims marriage and muslims millionairs and homes, even we created palaces for muslims in islamic countries, and we never gave him home or money because he met god of universe who is not allah and we call one god to the world by saying there is only one god and that is allah only who is from our religion.

They always thefted thinking from me making my mind empty and I was able to understand but unable to talk from mind and always ask god, jesus, moses, abraham, noah for help and nobody heard me because I could not ask them help from mind voice through thinking.

Today I am in the worst situation where I dont have clothes to wear and money to even visit church and muslims are thefting thinking from me by remembering me of dreams which I prayed for them since my parents taught me but I never had certificate of being muslim, I live in hyderabad, india and I got thinking from god of universe but not from allah or any other religion.

Can anyone tell my message to god, moses, jesus, abraham, noah what happened with me and tell them even if I dont take there names help me by saying he is human and he do what spirits or genies commands him and easily controlable by thinking of genies or spirits, because I am unable to think and unable to feel my body and body parts and I am unable to understand how much to eat and drink water.

Muslims are thefting thinking from me and forcing me do sins by making my mind empty, making me a robot so they fool god as they are fooling god since I am kid, I dont know since when muslims and hindus are thefting thinking from me.

They might have something in mind to make world war 3 by making my life bad so I pray to god to curse them.

I am a good guy I never did anything wrong in my life I dont want anyone life bad. I need help and I want to go in people mind like others visits them in there mind if going in someone mind is from religion then I already met god of universe so why I cannot go in someone mind. Why do I need to prove something to the world to get something after meeting god of universe.

Those who have met god of universe there life has been the best and they were never in trouble and there generations were happy all the times, so why my life is in trouble and I dont even know how to fight or take back thinking.

I visit church regularly and nothing is happening, if after meeting god my wishes are being granted I wish that I want to become rich and kill those genies and spirits and do what they did to me and just like islam religion and other religions thefted thinking from me making me like mummy I want to make there people and religion like that.

I need help from lovers of god I wish for it and I want it immediately. If anyone really loved god then show justice.

I am in hyderabad, India.
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Asked Feb 09, 2016
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