I don't know what is happening right now and I am really confused. Everything is in the description.

I first have to ask anybody against the LGBT+ community to not read this, for two reasons: I don't want to insult anyone I don't want to be insulted either. So first off, I am female and bisexual. The problem begins about here: I am a fairly normal girl: I like my hugs and cuddles and I love to paint my nails. What is really messing with my mind is the fact that my romantic side has what some might call a "masculinity" that the rest of me doesn't often possess. I mean, I am a relatively neutral-minded person, meaning my mind isn't extremely feminine nor extremely masculine. Sometimes I wish I were male, true, but I like my body as female just fine (although I don't care an awful lot what gender I am, I do like my being female). I don't really know what to do in this position, with a female body but a semi-masculine mindset. To me it feels as if I should somehow be able to shift between genders or something, as if I was born to be both genders and somehow ended up stuck purely female. If anybody has any suggestions on how I might make sense of this or do something to make my body and mind more compatible, I would love nothing more than to hear it. Thank you to everyone who has listened to me, and thank you to everyone who answered this question.
Asked Feb 08, 2016

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