I need your help, I am a believer and created my own religion now need feedback.

I need your help, I am a believer and researched on many religions and find out all religions are lie and created my own religion at www.trueloversreligion.com/truth.html now I want feedback on my religion. thanks for helping.
Asked Feb 03, 2016
Hi! I wasn't sure if this was an ad or not, but I searched your website. Your religion sounds very interesting, could you maybe change the style of text? It's hard to read lol. Please reply so we can talk about this religion.
Answered Feb 03, 2016

thanks for taking interest, can you please read or listen especially in english language and understand what I explained in my discussions and what I wrote in my holy book and submit a full feedback.

Its my believe what I explained. I can explain anything on any subject.

Now I need feedback from someone who has read and listen and understood in english language, everything clearly like I explained.

Note : There are different understandings everyone have, so that is why I wrote in english language, separating with commas, so you understand by reading or listening, what I mean, because english is not my first language.

Thanks for submitting full feedback.

Waiting for reply.

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