How to convince my mum to let me wear cute panties/bras?

My mum refuses to let me have cute bras/panties, nothing sexual or such just adorable lacy ones. I understand her concern because I am only 14, a lil too young.. But I'm not sexually active or anything. I just want to look in the mirror and go "awwww, i'm so fucking adorable" it's just nice to actually feel cute.

How can I convince her?? Also, i've only asked once and it was a straight no, I didn't go into reasoning.

No thongs btw, nothing that risque and I don't have a need for them since I wear skinny jeans 24/7

Also, any tips on keeping my pad in place, it always shifts and ends up getting on my underwear and staining it a little. :/
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Asked Jan 11, 2016
Edited Jan 11, 2016
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Answered Feb 18, 2016
I would tell her that you need new underwear and new bras or go to the mall shopping and have her look around at what you want. I would start out with slightly lacy ones, nothing to bold and let your mom help pick them out. there are some cute matching underwear sets out there that she will approve. if you have an allowance than you can get your own.

for the pads there are some out there that have flaps that stick under your underwear and stop it from moving around.

hope I helped
Answered Feb 19, 2016

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