Nose piercing help?

I have had my nose piercing for about 10 months now and it was fully healed and doing well until I took it out the other day to put makeup on and forgot to put it back in. I left it out overnight and had to gently force it back in the next morning. It has been swollen and red since then. I have been using a saline solution and icing it often. Do you think it's infected or just irritated from the "trauma"? It looks like how it did when I first got it pierced which leads me to believe that it is just healing a bit now. Idk if anyone can ease my mind that would be great.
Asked Jan 08, 2016
Ok, that happened to my ear cartilage once and I did like the same thing: took it out, forgot to put it back in, and had to force it back.

You shouldn't worry, it sounds like it's healing. Saline solution is an antiseptic, so it should be cleaned out and since you've had the piercing for 10 months it has a lesser chance of getting infected than a new piercing. As long as there's no puss or blood, you should be fine. So don't worry, it sounds like you're fine, but it may be swollen or sore for a little while.
Answered Jan 14, 2016

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