Hello guys!I've been playing minecraft a long time. And here is My question.

When I was playing, I was open in lan in minecraft. I have mods installed.
while I visited my other world, I had a short time in that world. After that time, when I went to my world which was the time when I opened my world, I went to my chinese dragons. but then it said "owned by player666" I didn't know about that. I didn't have also players in there. I have no herobrine mod installed. I also checked my list of players to see if there was someone. But it didn't display.So my question is, Is this a glitch or is there someone making me afraid?.I'm using minecraft 1.5.2.
Asked Dec 28, 2015
Is there anyone on your local network (your house) that uses Minecraft? If so, ask them if they did it. If no, destroy the sign. Odd things can happen on LAN. For instance, one day when I had a LAN world open overnight, several dirt blocks that I placed despawned, but no one is on my local area network (LAN). So, I took it off the network, and it never happened again. Destroy the sign and take it off the network. See if it happens again. Also, be thankful that Minecraft 1.1 added LAN. If it didn't, people would be able to randomly join you world no matter what network they were on as long as they new the seed. Now, they can still do that, but they make a copy of the world as their own.
Answered Nov 25, 2017

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