Weird Dreams {Help please}

Ok, I need help on this dream;
I dreamt that I went to a boarding school (I don't, but my school is very strict with uniform and stuff). I was going up to my dorm which I shared with 3 of my real life friends. The steps are a bit like a spiral staircase with boys dormitories and girls dormitories, each numbered and named. On my level their is the girls and boys dorms, and the boys across as I walk up are some morons. One boy - who looks like my ex crush - tries to trash talk me and somehow (I cant remember clearly) his dorm mate gets him to back off and apologized for the behaviour. We had a small chat and he kissed me, my arms round his neck and his round my waist...
Then I woke.

The boy who kissed me was of a strong resemblance of a boy I used to be best friends with that I hadn't spoke to in a bit... Now I can't get him out of my mind. Help please!!
Asked Dec 25, 2015

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