Problems with a guy friend

Alright so basically I liked this guy for awhile, not so much anymore but me, this guy, Lets call him bob, and our other friend who we are gunna call kali are all friends. we usually hang out every friday and hang out as a squad. Well im going to skip ahead a bit for the sake of time. My best friend who lives across the state is, lets call her jasmine, texted him and he said he was developing an interest for me. of course jasmine got excited and told me, but I looked at the screenshots and told her that I know bob pretty well and that doesnt mean he "like likes" me. Me and bob play the question game over text and they occasionally get mildly inappropriate if you get what im saying. Anyways, one of the questions was about turn ons and friends with benefits and he asked if i'd do that with him. I hesitantly said sure but with really watered down benefits. He seemed chill with it and the next time we hung out kali had to leave early, leaving me and bob alone for 2 hours after. before kali left he would occasionally bite me, and I knew what he was hinting at because that had been a common turn on for us both. I got mildly flustered and kali left. As soon as she left bob questioned me, asking if I knew what he had been hinting at. anyways, we ended up playing the nervous game not that I went very far but eh. anyways we were just chilling watching a movie afterwards and hes just rubbing my thighs but we are just watchin the movie. he wanted me to let him go farther and he was mildly disappointed when I said no, even though we had agreed on the terms before hand, which were cuddling, petting, and thigh touching.
Now keep in mind he's never had girls who were just friends before, and he openly admits that if it were up to him it would be much more inappropriate. Now im afraid that iv'e given him an inch he expects a mile, so im not sure if I should just slam the brakes on this entirely, and go back to being strictly platonic friends, or just have stricter rules? I just don't want to damage our squad dynamics and I want things to stay the way they've always been.
Asked Dec 23, 2015

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