Why do people judge others for their choices?

I like astronomy and people judge me for that and I said I like science and they judge me for that and I told them I grew up in a different church from theirs and they judged me for that I told them I knit and they judged me for that. I told them Im looking into binocular astronomy and they judged me for that. I said I want to be a writer they judged me for that and and said if you can write I want your money you dont deserve it f***k you, even how dare you THINK SUCH A THING if Im so poor why do you deserve anything they confronted me like that. Now I dont want to be a writer because nobody says my ideas are gr8 or GO YOU Im behind you all the way, etc. XD XD :D :D :D :D Go for it, etc. I said I want to start a zoo and I was judged. I said I want to make money online and they judged me. I said I have great ideas and they said good f***ng luck with doing all that s**t go and do it yourself, lots of people have had great ideas and never made it. This was from friends and family. I told them I like many things cause I am afraid the will judge me if they know what I like. I could have been doing well in life a long time ago but I had no support or XD and encouragement or cooperation from others who said hey Ill do it with you etc. and I felt they wouldnt care. I know people who like just the same things as me but when I want to do it, they seem mad I guess I judged people in the past for liking some of things I liked and not inviting me to participate and becoming involved more with me so maybe this is partly karma. I went to a cafe with dad and started looking at their interesting pictures and they had jars of interesting condiments for sale and I talked to dad about them and everyone seemed annoyed with me and dad explained to them when they were questionning and angry with us that I am new to this. I was in a new town on a touring trip today with and while passing through everyone was VERY rude and angry to me personally and some people even swore at me even though they didnt know me it seemed targeted, and after I got to our destination, after a little while everyone started light gossiping and hacking away at me critical and personal things about me nobody should know even though I never went to this town before and it seemed to be about me. I was dressed in some of my best clothes and didnt get mad with anyone till we just about left. Just as a note I was on a trip (exploring the new city for the first time) on my own to a new city recently and 3 people were very critical (grown adults) and swore at me openly in public who I had never known or spoken to one man yelled at me in MCdonalds saying F****k you something and I believe criticized me for something but I didnt know the man so course I couldnt have done anything to harm him and some women said shes skinny fuck her and something else about me being small.
Asked Dec 19, 2015
Edited Dec 19, 2015

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