That Mean Teacher I have made one of my friends cry Today, what should I do?

Well, for some reason, He said something and made him come up to his desk.When He got up there,He said something very nasty and racist to him.I'm not sure what he said.He tthen went back to his seat and started crying and said He had threatened to do something to him and his family if he didn't stop playing around in class.He also today laughed at a Girl and said that she was feisty because she was from the Ghetto, and she was a Black Girl.It seemed extremely racist and unneeded. I am tired of this Doucebag doing all of this stuff to me and my friends and getting away with it.I am sick of his behavior, and this is the First Kid who he has made cry.He did nearly make my friend who died almost cry once.The Teacher also said that he was gonna find his Mom's Number and then he was gonna send threatening calls to his mom's phone and that he was gonna make sure my friend never did anything bad again. I hate that this is going on, I am glad that this guy has been reported before though. My Friend said that if he got home and that if The Teacher had left a Threatening Message, he was gonna come and cuss the Teacher out and tell him that he can say all the nasty things he wants to him, but that he won't take it anymore when he brings his family into it.The Teacher also lied about having a Fake Relative who looks nothing like him.What should I do?
Asked Dec 15, 2015
tell the princible bring the family into it
Answered Feb 10, 2016
Thank you
John3 Feb 11, 2016

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