Why did my family members act CRAZY when I (an 8th grader) said I am going to write a book?! They

When my relatives came over, there was my aunt and uncle and three children ( the aunt is very insecure and the boy is 13, girl is 8, and youngest 2). They are not Attractive. I am blonde, tall, and I was a bit chubby. I had self confidence, but not my uncles children... The oldest used to scoff at my excess fat, and my quirks. The 8 year old (lets call her H) used to spy on me and giggle whenever I did something wrong. My aunt(from another family) hates me and all my uncles relatives for no reason. She is sick, and cant work.. I had a passion for books, and I was very smart in school. I announced that Im going to write a book and my mom said that I was VERY SMART!!!! My aunt tell me to do simple, simple things, but Im like whatev. Girl H (8 years old) said she didnt care and she ran downstairs. Next time they visited us, 8 year old H copied my hairstyle and said to me 'But its not right to eat chocolate in the morning' (I ate a piece of chocolate one morning. My uncle said the same thing. H told everyone. She then began to mimic the way I spoke, and the activities I do,etc. Later, she called me fat over 20 times in one day, and my aunt began to make fun of my weight and that I ate a piece of chocolate. They later backbited me (13 year old girl) to my other family relatives?? What is the big deal??? Why did they start to be aggressive with me when I said to do something?? I like books and I like to read, and I want to make a book of my own?
Asked Dec 14, 2015
because they obviously underestimate you. I love it when people underestimate me because then I can CRUSH them with my success so you should CRUSH them with your success as well :)
Answered Jan 20, 2016

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