Is aloe vera gel good for skin care?

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Asked Nov 26, 2015
Aloe vera has been used for a host of purposes since the ancient Egyptians called it the “plant of immortality.”

Since then, its uses have become more targeted and medicinal, and it's one of the leading therapies for sunburns.

Here are benefits of using aloe vera gel:

1. It treats sunburn.
2. It acts as a moisturizer.
3. It treats acne.
4. It fights aging.
5. It lessens the visibility of stretch marks.
6. It's nutrient rich for good health.
7. It soothes in periodontal disease.
8. It aids in digestion.
Answered May 03, 2016
Aloe Vera is always good for the skin. It works for the different purpose. Due to the busy life, I am using Annimaateo natural skin care products, Which is made with all natural ingredients including Aloe Vera.
Answered Mar 31, 2018
Yes, Aloe Vera gel is good for skin care. But, what type of skin care. Do you follow any regime? Do you use any skin care products? If not, then you need to follow a skin care routine. And you can get all the information about properly planned skin care routine from any licensed dermatologist as per your skin type and conditions. So, I would suggest visiting a dermatologist or a skin care clinic who can help you with the same. You can read on more here:
Answered Sep 01, 2019

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