Is this one of those "grass is greener on the other side syndrome" cases or what?

I've been in a relationship full of ups and downs the last two years some odd months. Things were wonderful for the first 6 months until I was accused of cheating, another when I actually made the poor decision of cheating. I can give you details if you're interested enough.

I came clean and we continued seeing eachother for awhile-even lived together until her lease ended and had to move back home 3.5 hours away when we decided to continue distance. Even ater everything we've always managed to "love" each other and care for one another like we have for quite some time at the end of the day even if we made each other crazy (even to the point where she would even turn down guys hitting on her when her friend would come down there and they got out) had always managed to tread through our problems and come to a fair compromise and would see each other as much as we could, which was often until around early September she lost her job where she was a manager at a pacsun which she thought she was going to be doing for her career and I took her in and let her stay with me for almost two months all inclusive-even paid for her break repair on her car. Her family loves me, they still stay in contact, her friends like me with the exception of the two who she talked to before she went back home, whom aren't really in any position to give her accurate advice. Anyway, she left around mid October and left me with "I need to find myself" now she's in California having all of her stuff paid for having fun at their expense. What am I missing here? I'm not sure if it means anything significant, but near the end of her stay an old friend of hers just got out of the Navy and ever since he came around she became distant and would even intentionally exclude me from hanging out with them claiming she wanted to "be selfish and have her friends to herself" which was unusual. She's with him and their mutual friend in los Angeles on a whim. Her family is worried about her, her friends are as well.
Asked Nov 22, 2015
Edited Nov 22, 2015

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