Please help, I'm really paranoid and scared

I am really paranoid and about 3 weeks ago (on Halloween)me and my friends went to a party at their friends house. We had to stay there because everyone was drunk but I wasn't. I slept on the couch and when I woke up their guy friend was sleeping right next to me. I am paranoid that I might of gotten raped or something, I still had my pants on and my coat, and he had his clothes on as well. I am a virgin, and now it's been about 3 weeks and I feel bloated, and my stomach seems bloated too, and I am getting really paranoid that I might be pregnant, no other symptoms just that, my period comes every month towards the end usually. And right now I am bloating a lot like in my uterus and when I try to make it "bigger" it looks like a pregnant belly. I am really scared that maybe he came in me somehow. Maybe not rape but did come, when I woke up in the morning everything felt normal but I'm still scared that he might of done something like that
Asked Nov 22, 2015
Keep getting drunk around guy and will pop your cherry eventually and if your your driving in and out of conchusness you'll come to with a pop impregnated pussy
Answered Nov 23, 2015
If you weren't drunk and don't remember it and were fully clothed then the chances are you aren't and it would have hurt in the morning, so you probably aren't pregnant, but go to the doctors to see what it is, you may just be putting on weight or something's wrong

Hope this helped,
Gabby x
Answered Dec 08, 2015

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