Is this a male version of saying no?

I've been texting my friend Kyle this week but, I've known him over a year and I haven't really talked to him in a month because oif my schedule since this week..I asked did he miss me.and he is beating around the bush and not giving me an answer .i do the same when he ask do I miss him..i beat around the bush or I dont so he texted me back and said "hmm did I miss you?..did you leave? I said no I've been busy a little and he said well I'm too busy to answer your question then.. And I text back and told him to answer my question and he texted.."give me time to think if I missed you or not because its a big decision in life" then I said "either yes or no" and he says maybe I did or maybe I didnt...and I said "well its either yes or no .. I didn't ask you to go on a date with me I asked if you missed me" then his last text says "I knew that was going to be the next question ..I totally called it" He is not giving me a direct answer about my simple question.Is this his indirect way of saying no
Asked Nov 09, 2015

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