I dont know what to do with people

Should I ask my friend if I can stay with him? If I can run away with him? I am being abused where I live but I applied for a course and its a good course but I dont think the people there really like me they said OH, Her, as though there was something wrong with me and even the first time I saw them they were like that. But my family encouraged me to go on with it. My neighbor told my other neighbors I was spending a lot of time on the computer and then they started yelling that I am spending a lot of time on the computer but what they said made me want to spend more time on the computer cause I am in the middle of my parents relationship dispute and nobody wants to be friends with me so I have nothing else to do. Should I just run and become a refugee or should I stay here? I cant stand how I am treated anymore now I want my friend to take me but Im afraid I wont I have other friends one of them wont help me unless she has to but I really need someone to help me and I want someone to love me. I am not sure if she can help me. I ordered a ticket for a holiday but now I found out I have studies and I cant cancel it also the trip might be canceled and I have temporary work coming up and it means I wont have as much money I dont like the work but I need the money. I cut and hurt myself sometimes I told someone else my life isnt going that great and his response made me think he doesnt care I told him I wanted to do studies and he wrote that I have work hard at my study but he knows I have problems even when Im a good student I have study problems. My other friend isnt answering my texts now I think she just doesnt know what to do anymore. She is reluctant to help me with a house. I told my family I want to move but they recon eveythings fine I have a neighbor I am too noisey for him and he recons I cause all his problems Im going away sometime next year for studies and help but I dont know if I can handle it. My family doesnt listen to me when I tell them eveything isnt going great. I cant sleep enough theres too much noise and it makes me feel confused and drunk. I dont drink alcohol ever. My neighbor isnt bothered with the noise he is only bothered by my noise. I have big ambitions but I am too lazy and dont believe in them and nobody supports me or their just too big and I cant afford it. I can see my future being great but I didnt think my life would turn out this way. I keep feeling I want to die. Everyones so mean I used to think it was because I sinned.
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Asked Nov 05, 2015

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