Mini Guitar Amp Help!?

My amp keeps giving me static, and I need a small amp to practise while my amp gets repaired. I was looking at different amps, and I found a rocktron vg05, a marshall ms2, a marshall ms4, a mini twin fender amp, a Fender Mini Deluxe, a Danelectro Honeytone N-10, and a line6 micro spider, which I think is pretty cool. I play rock and metal, with some acoustic music. I am not sure which is the best, or worst, if someone could tell me what sucks, whats ok, and whats awesome, that would be great. If there is another mini amp out there I would like to know about it please. Thanks in advance.
Asked Nov 05, 2015
The Marshall amps are good and so is fender so go with one of those
And the static might be cuz the wire is not in correctly, amp wires are very
Easy to break so be careful when you pack it you might have to keep buying new ones often like I did..
You can google which amp is best if you like tho if you dont trust my opinion ...😝
Answered Nov 05, 2015
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Answered Apr 21, 2017

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