My Science Teacher has manipulated my parents into thinking he's a "Good" Person, What should I do?

Okay, well today was the day that all the parents had to go to the School to get the Repor t cards, and while my parents were there, he was acting nice and all to them and just trying to be nice so they wouldn't suspect anything, and also probably because he's worried that one of his students told their parents about him cussing, and he's Act nice so the parents don't tell the Principal and get him fired.But he was acting nice and everything, and saying good things.My parents were saying that he was a "good" Person and things like that, but they don't know about all the mean things he has done and said, and now they probably won't believe me because he has manipulated them into thinking he's nice.I have to go back tomorrow, and he's probably going to be saying things and just trying to be nice again, and is probably going to say other things to the other students.I really don't like him.Last Week he threatened a student with Blackmail by saying he saw their post on Some Website about "no" homework, and that if they didn't delete the post he would call their parents or Bully him by sending him Nasty messages. The student has since probably deleted the post, but What this teacher did is wrong.He needs to be fired.What should I do?
Asked Nov 04, 2015

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