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I am being treated badly because my mom is American because someone doesnt like my mom I get singled out cause Im with my dad whos not.
I said to dad I want to live with mom and he made her think I cant live with her cause I asked her a few times and she said no and I asked dad again if I can live with him I didnt want to but now things are bad. He said no. I explaned why to both of them. I was going past a school and the kids outside yelled (several) in unison at me angrily. Next door neighbor kid said Im gay. I have a neighbor whos always mad because he wants to sleep and hes making trouble now. I move in my bed trying to sleep and neighbors hate it. I dont have to make much noise but they will still be mad. I told dad I dont like the area where we life. He realized that things arent working out but he isnt intending to change them any time soon and hes trying to get revenge because I left him and mom. Dad said someone is using me as a scapegoat and to get me to leave to a third world country where there is war to get away and die. I told dad how I was treated in the past and he told me those were great times and I always had a great time what am I talking about? Try are trying to get me to go to India. They are trying to make me go on a plane to the USA. But when I had money to go to the USA they didnt want me to go to the USA.
Asked Nov 03, 2015
Edited Nov 03, 2015

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